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 Shiren the Wanderer Liveblog (No Warehouse)

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Shiren the Wanderer Liveblog (No Warehouse) Empty
PostSubject: Shiren the Wanderer Liveblog (No Warehouse)   Shiren the Wanderer Liveblog (No Warehouse) Icon_minitimeSun 31 Jan 2010, 6:27 am

The Path Much Travelled
We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of...No, wait, wrong story. It's El Dorado we're looking for. Not the
Wizard. No yellow brick roads here. Just green grassy ones. Anyhow, we start our journey on the "Road to the Hamlet." After getting attacked by small bouncy Mamels (which may or may not be mammals) after about one turn, I found... well, not much, really. Herbs, a
scroll that apparently carries explosive runes (although how Shiren knows this without reading the scroll, I don't know.),
and a riceball, which someone carelessly left for me to trip over. At least the riceball was next to the stairs. Stone
stairs, like those you would find in a tower. On a grassy road. Which disappeared when I ascended them. Wait...WHAT?! On
the second floor of the supposed "road", I found a wooden shield. And the game still refused to give me any weapons. I've
resorted to beating robbers in the face with my fists. Well, at least it WORKS. After stumbling up the stairs to Floor 3, I
finally found a cudgel, and set about the apparent job of making all robbers and mamels extinct. This lasted about as long
as it took to find more stairs. At Floor 4, the game suddenly decided to tell me that riceballs increase your fullness.
Thank you, Captain Obvious. Mind recommending anything I should beat to death while you are at it? I met what I assume was
a slightly more dangerous mamel at the stairs, but it was kinda hard to tell when it died in one hit. After a very
uneventful Floor 5, I had finally ascended the entire road. Onwards, to freedom, to glory, to shiny gold cities!

From the Smallest Forest to the Tallest Mountain

Having reached Canyon Hamlet, I decided to visit the bar. Talking to the barman got me a Big Riceball for my troubles. I then decided to be on my way. I quickly found three staves lying around, and decided to take them as emergency supplies. Who knows when unknown magic might come in handy? Not that much later, I came across a chef, who asked me to get him some Mamel Meat. Complying, he responded by giving me some Roasted Mamel Tail, increasing my strength and HP. Score! After finding the exit, I discovered that the place was apparently the Lost Woods, as the exit disappeared, just like the stairs. I blame the monsters. The next exit was right in front of me, so I decided to explore first. This turned out to be a good idea, seeing as I found more herbs, randomly dropped Gitans, a polearm, and a katana. Stumbling through the exit, and wondering how on Earth Shiren successfully carried three staves, a katana, a polearm, and enough herbs to start his own apothecary, I ended up on a mountain. Well, it's a change of scenery at least. If a bizarre one. Almost as soon as I emerged from the forest, I discovered that one of my staves protected me from stumbling traps. Sadly, this didn't extend to dream gas traps, and I started hallucinating. Which, in a fit of bad eyesight, led to a strange wander, involving drunks being seen as beautiful women, and accidentaly killing a "girl". Oops. How you put mechanical traps on a mountain is a different matter entirely. After my sanity had returned, I discovered why Shiren would make an awful doctor, attempting to cure a girl's blindness with the staves. On the plus side, I discovered that one of them was a switching staff. After going to the next floor, the RNG once again made an attempt on my life by making me stand on an iron arrow trap. It hurt. A LOT. After some more aimless wandering, an enemy stole half my gitans. And teleported away. Apparently Abra has branched out into theft and looking like a purse now. After a little more exploration, I finally found the exit, and the Bamboo Village, the first breathing point on my journey.

Shiren the Wanderer Liveblog (No Warehouse) Wolf_s10
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Shiren the Wanderer Liveblog (No Warehouse)
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