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 Michael Jackson dies at 50

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PostSubject: Michael Jackson dies at 50   Fri 26 Jun 2009, 5:32 am

So, as you have almost certainly heard, Michael Jackson has died of cardiac arrest. And it's a shame. Yes, he was rather odd in his actions, but he was still a legendary singer, and a person. I've seen people saying that they are happy that he is dead, which personally, I can't comprehend. Happiness at someone's death is not a thing that you want to be seen with. Maybe a mass murderer, but that's a different matter. However you look at though, Jackson was very influential throughout both the music industry, and the world at large. The guy, which ever way you look at him, was a legend. A sad irony that his upcoming tour was called "This is it." So, your opinions and thoughts?

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Michael Jackson dies at 50
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