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 Well, crap.

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Well, crap. Empty
PostSubject: Well, crap.   Well, crap. Icon_minitimeFri 27 Feb 2009, 12:09 pm

Found out today too that one of my favorite patrons is more or less dead. He's a funny older guy. Unashamedly gay. And he's a house (re)decorator. Makes his money buying up properties and restoring them. Along with his partner/husband. Ok, they're not legally married and all that 'cause this is a backwards state that feels the need to intrude into people's private lives in matters that harm no one, but you know what I mean.
Anyways, apparently yesterday (or the day before I'm not sure) they were working on their current property, up on some scaffolding and something happened. The scaffolding broke and they both fell. Apparently J hit his head and there's swelling in the brain. The hospital put him into a coma and life support. They are attempting to relieve the swelling, but they say that if doesn't start to show some signs of recovery by monday that they'll pull the plugs. Which might be for the best as they say with the extent of his injuries that he'd likely not even be the same person even if he did recover. Having had a grandfather survive a stroke and brain damage and seeing des' mom deal with her own traumatic brain injury, I tend to agree.

What saddens me most is that J was almost always pleasant. Things can't have been easy for him growing up, but damn if he wasn't sure of himself. He loved coming in and practically shoving his identity in your face just to get a reaction. Of course, the fact that I never quite reacted in the way he expected was always a plus. There were times that he'd call up here to the library and ask if I was working just so that I could order his books for him, even tho that was something that practically anyone here could do. In part it was to try pushing me a bit.
Like when he called up asking about a book about a famous gay interior decorator from California. He made some little off-hand comment about gay interior designers and then followed up with 'of course, I can say things like that you know... since I AM ONE' and then he'd laugh.

If he doesn't make it through this, I'm really gonna miss him.
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Well, crap.
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